Racing Suit Re-certification

Initial certifications last for 5 years. Re-certification adds an additional 5 years. Re-certifications available for PROFOX RACING SFI-15 and SFI-20 Suits ONLY. Our SFI-1 and SFI-5 suits do not expire and do not need to be recertified.

Suits with a 2019 SFI-15 or SFI-20 patch expire December 31, 2023.


Re-certifications are not guaranteed. We need to inspect the item(s) first to determine if a re-certification is even possible. Generally, suits in good condition are able to be re-certified.

Re-certification costs: $75.00 per item +Shipping +Minor Repairs (TBD). Once we receive and inspect the item(s) we will call you with the details of the re-certification costs.

We do not launder items. Once we receive the items to be recertified, please allow 10 days for processing. Please don’t send us dirty, stinky suits.

To begin the re-certification process, please complete the form below:

<span style="font-family: verdana, geneva;"><a href="">Click Here To Load This Form</a></span>

After the form is completed and submitted, we will email re-cert instructions to you within 24 hours. CUSTOMS: Profox Racing is not liable for customs Duties/Tariffs/Fees resulting from shipping/receiving items to/from foreign countries.